30. November 2022

Concert of the well-known Ukrainian music group "MANDRY" - music in times of war in the Wall Museum

Wednesday 30 November 2022

Mauermuseum – Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie

“Mandry” means to travel in Ukrainian. It is also the name of a well-known Ukrainian music group founded by Sergiy Fomenko, singer, composer, songwriter and filmmaker.

He is a co-founder of Mobile Evacuation, a humanitarian aid organization that transports the wounded to the hinterland.

“Mandry”, coming from a benefit tour in the USA, is on its way to Kiev,

on Wednesday, November 30, 2022 in the Wall Museum – Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie.

Sergiy Fomenko, leader of the music group “Mandry”, singer, composer and songwriter

Dmytro Bem, bass

Jan Janochkin, keyboards


– Do not sleep my homeland
– Fire cannons
– light
– Black Mountain
– Who owns that horse standing there?
– Orysya
– Müller’s daughter
– towers
– Wait
– Branch
– At the garden near Dunau
– Kalyna

and other titles