The Wall

From 13 August 1961 until it fell. The Soviet occupation zone, the GDR and the Berlin Wall.

13 August 1961: Armed GDR units hermetically seal the city surrounding West Berlin, and construction of the Wall begins.

9 November 1989: Politburo member Günter Schabowski announces the GDR government’s decree that “private trips abroad and without the fulfilment of requirements may be applied for”. Just a few hours later the border checkpoints can no longer manage the crowds and open up …

These two historic dates mark the cornerstones of our exhibit on the Berlin Wall, the history of which is presented through photos and text. Numerous original artefacts from successful escapes illustrate the boldness and creativity of the refugees. Photos and displays show the development of the GDR border security system, from the first hollow blocks to the fourth-generation Wall that, with its L-shaped segments, became the longest concrete canvas in the world.