Political art

"Simply because the painters and poets have witnessed it, we can understand the hopes of the past and recognise their potential for the future."

This quote from the philosopher Ernst Bloch is the motto of our art exhibit. It not only shows the initially uncommon interpretation of the Wall in art (Horst Strempel, Roger Loewig, Gisela Breitling), but also the works that came shortly thereafter by Johannes Grützke, Matthias Koeppel, Karl Oppermann, Wolf Vostell, and others.

This exhibit, which is continuously supplemented thanks to the “Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin”, provides a comprehensive overview of artistic impressions of the Wall as well as a broad spectrum of artists’ commitment to human rights in general.

Numerous internationally renowned artists such as Bril, Brusilovsky, Bulatov, Roseline Granet, Hajek, Heiliger, Hannah Höch, Kolar, Kyncl, Makarov, Masson, Penck, Reuter, Rischar and Tapies are represented with important works.