Working for freedom

Political prisoner Mikhail Khodorkovsky

"Mrs. Hildebrandt asked me if I can help, and of course I said yes."

These are the words spoken by former Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher († 31 March 2016) during an interview with a major German television station. Shortly before the Christmas holidays in 2013 we were successful and able to announce his release at a press conference broadcast around the world.

As a museum we are unique in that we not only pay tribute to the past, but also show the present in a living, constantly evolving manner

Our exhibit is dedicated to current issues in human rights policies. Using Mikhail Khodorkovsky as an example, we document how human rights can be asserted in a non-violent manner. His fate is a state affair. And our work over recent years had led to his release.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky at the Mauermuseum after his release
Address by Mikhail Khodorkovsky at his first press conference at the Mauermuseum - Museum Haus am Checkpoint Charlie