From memorial to work of art: painters interpret THE WALL. Politics should not fear emotive art, because it eases tensions through affecting people and even provoking tears.

Political art

"Simply because the painters and poets have witnessed it, we can understand the hopes of the past and recognise their potential for the future."

This quote from the philosopher Ernst Bloch is the motto of our art exhibit. It not only shows the initially uncommon interpretation of the Wall in art (Horst Strempel, Roger Loewig, Gisela Breitling), but also the works that came shortly thereafter by Johannes Grützke, Matthias Koeppel, Karl Oppermann, Wolf Vostell, and others.

This exhibit, which is continuously supplemented thanks to the “Stiftung Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin”, provides a comprehensive overview of artistic impressions of the Wall as well as a broad spectrum of artists’ commitment to human rights in general.

Numerous internationally renowned artists such as Bril, Brusilovsky, Bulatov, Roseline Granet, Hajek, Heiliger, Hannah Höch, Kolar, Kyncl, Makarov, Masson, Penck, Reuter, Rischar and Tapies are represented with important works.

The Wall

Escape artefacts

They parked their Wartburg in the safety of a forest clearing about 23 km south of their home of Pößneck.
Then the two families unloaded the rolled-up balloon cover from the trailer. With a handcrafted wind machine that operated a repurposed motorcycle engine, they first blew cold air into the limp balloon.
Then Peter Strelzyk used a flamethrower to ignite propane gas from three bottles, thereby pushing hot air into the balloon cover, the lower end of which was held up by Günther Wetzel and Frank Strelzyk.
The balloon slowly raised up. Now Petra Wetzel and her young son Andreas, Doris Strelzyk and her son Andreas, and Peter Wetzel climbed onto the platform.
The tethers were cut. Then Peter Strelzyk ignited a second burner that provided the balloon with hot air from four bottles during the flight.
Handmade hot-air balloon
Original border sign from Checkpoint Charlie
Armoured escape vehicle
Mini submarine with bike motor

Historical photos

Human rights

With pen and banner against despotism and oppression!